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2018: The Year for Growth

Long-range changes to the STL infrastructure have been developing over the last few years, and are now poised to make 2018 one of the most productive years ever, according to team members throughout the company.

While Superior Tape and Label has always been about staying at the forefront of label printing technology, 2018 is an especially impactful year for the growth of this family-owned company. Over the past 12-24 months, the company has invested in both organizational and human resources changes that many say will be of ultimate benefit to STL customers.

Cris Silivasan, a mechanical engineer and one of the senior team members, has made the shift to become the head of the newly-developed Research and Development department. It's just one of the new changes that Lucia Willis, the company's General Manager, has implemented to increase productivity and provide personalized solutions for current and emerging customers. Silivasan says that the support from management is key in continual improvement in the department.

"The upper management provided a brand new lab with all the same equipment as our suppliers," Silivasan says. "It was a huge investment for the company, but without those we would not be able to develop the products we have."

Another major shift within the company has been the creation of the Sales Development position, which has been filled by newcomer, Reena Teeny. The position is mainly tasked with setting up systems that assist the sales staff including monitoring social media, organizing sales presentations, and updating information to highlight the current products that STL has to offer.

Yet she's clear to point out that collaboration is the key to all of the new organization within the company.

"Everything here is collaborative. There is nothing that happens here that's just one department or one person on their own. Every department works with each other in order to get the finished product out. And everyone seems to get along well with one another. It's a good team environment."

This new position works closely with the Sales Support team, which is actively working on developing a new system for documenting and tracking errant print order issues to eliminate short jobs - times when the print order isn't fully completed and requires an additional printing to fill the order.

Tricia Davis, one of the Sales Support Specialists, also says that the growing Quality Assurance department is a good model of growth that she feels the entire company is moving towards.

"The Quality Assurance department grows through every need of every new customer and old customer. That's something that we'll never stop trying to improve on. Even when everyone thinks we're doing great, we're still going to be thinking, 'Oh, there's something more we can do.'"

It's this attitude that continues to drive new improvements and organization throughout the company. And, as Sales Support Specialist, Jennifer Duran, explains, it's the reason why STL has been so successful thus far.

"The people that we have here care about the company, not just getting the job done," Duran says. "It's great working with people who care as much as I do about what I do."