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The Wallet of the Future: Innovators Connect at CardTrex

In late September, STL sent representatives to connect with leaders in the card manufacturing industry and share insights for the future at CardTrex in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Featuring presenters like David Tushie of ICMA and Barry Mosteller of the CPI Card Group, it was a whirlwind of collaboration, communication, and innovation.

Alyssa Arrendondo
Image courtesy of PaymentsSource

One of the key presentations was from Alyssa Arredondo, Director of Financial Vertical Marketing at Entrust Datacard. Despite the increasing influx of mobile wallet systems like Apple Pay, Arredondo emphasized that physical cards still have a strong position in the marketplace. She suggested that mobile payments still lack the tangible link that many customers want when making payments. Arrendondo also stated that physical card manufacturers have the potential to maintain or even increase market share.

Barry Mosteller also talked about the future of card manufacturing, specifically in how manufacturers are being pushed to extend card life to reflect longer expiration dates. His presentation shared the most cutting-edge alternatives to PVC plastics as well as specialized coatings for PVC cards that promise to increase durability while still allowing for thermal imprinting. Mosteller concluded with a discussion about the growing need for cost-effective solutions to extend card life, and challenged manufacturers to be creative with options that could counterbalance the increased costs of meeting ISO standards and installing EMV chips.

Barry Mosteller
Image courtesy of LinkedIn

One of the highlights of the conference was the interactive walking tour of the Entrust Datacard facility in Shakopee, Minnesota. Participants were able to see the detailed production facility and ask questions about innovative new solutions.

During the Speed Share portion of the conference, each conference attendee got to meet with each exhibitor for three minutes, giving STL a great opportunity to explain some of our newest card manufacturing innovations. Superior Tape & Label representatives Alec Doede and Reena Teeny highlighted the STL patent-pending attaching labels. The custom-designed labels which will not tear the carrier caught the attention of several card manufacturers.

The STL team walked away from the CardTrex conference feeling energized about the tools and resources they were able to share, as well as inspired to provide even more support for this vital industry.