Label Team

Our Superior Team

They say a company is only as good as the people who work for it. In our case, that makes us very, very good.

Our team is passionate about excellence in service and quality. We continually strive to create the most innovative solutions in the industry, whether for a particular customer or simply because we see the need. Meet the people behind the products. Then get to know us and how we can help you.

Dwayne Brandon - President/CEO

Alec Doede - Senior Account Manager

Jennifer Duran - Sales Support & Estimating

Luis Ayala - Warehouse Manager/Scheduling

Derek Brandon - Production Manager

Dallas Brandon - Purchasing Lead

Nancy Brink - Corporate Controller

Mary Scheel - Accountant

Lucia Willis - General Manager

Cris Silivasan - Product Development

Reena Teeny - Sales Development Representative

Dustin Fisher - Quality Assurance Manager

Amelia Russ - Purchasing Assistant

Kathy Laudig - Accounting/Human Resources

Connie Horger - Accounts Receivable