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An Alternative to Your Cleaning Tape?

When you’re personalizing cards at high speeds, even the tiniest fibers can build up and slow down your throughput. Microscopic dust and particles from the manufacturing process get on your equipment and eventually unbalance your well-tuned process. This is one of the key reasons why your OEM provides cleaning tape as a consumable you purchase with your machine.

Unfortunately, because this tape is specifically designed for your equipment, there are almost no options if you want an alternative to the one your OEM is selling.

That’s where Superior Tape & Label comes in.

Over the past year, we have seen our customers looking in vain for an alternative or lower-cost solution to the cleaning tape that the OEM offers. And when they didn’t find one, we decided it was time to make our own.

According to Cris Silivasan, the Head of the Research and Development Department, the STL cleaning tape and the manufacturer’s version are almost indistinguishable. "We analyzed the product, so the properties of our tape and the OEM tape are comparable."

The STL cleaning tape works to clean your machine before cards are embossed and/or attached to the carrier. The unique self-wound tape features a specifically designed adhesive that is strong enough to pick up any debris that may affect your embossing process.

While there are other companies that offer a "cleaning tape" for the industry, the product they provide is a pre-manufactured tape that they slit to match roll size. Neither the tape itself nor the adhesive is customized to fit your needs.

Because STL controls the cleaning tape manufacturing process from beginning to end, we ensure that every element—from the chemically unique adhesive to the backing release—runs smoothly through your machines.

According to Silivasan, developing the cleaning tape was an investment that current customers have been very pleased with.

A key element of this process is the core molding tool that STL invested in. This tool generates a proper core that is needed to make sure the tape runs smoothly on your machine.

"We invested a lot of money in order to get that tool," Silivasan says, "but it was worth it. Now we control the manufacturing, so we can get the tape out as fast as they need it or set up a stock program so it’s always ready to ship."