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Jason Telles Shipping Assistant

Jason Telles, Shipping/Packaging Assistant

A positive attitude and willingness to work hard doesn’t go unnoticed at Superior. Both traits are embodied in Jason Telles, our Employee spotlight for this quarter.

Upon arriving to Superior via a temp agency, he quickly became an asset to our team. He has been with the company for almost a year and a half. In that time, he has become a valuable team member. Jason states that Superior is “one of the only companies that makes me feel good about what I do and who I do it for when I walk through the door.”

Jason Telles Shipping Assistant

Jason is responsible not only for daily shipping activities but is involved with inventory management as well. This ensures we have the correct shipping supplies when needed, as well as stock management for our customers.

Being employed consistently since age 16, he is a hard worker and gives it his all. He recently celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife and is rearing 3 boys ages ten, eight, and two. With three active boys, he stays busy teaching them sports, biking, hiking and camping. Though originally from Las Cruces, NM, he considers Oregon home. When he is not playing with his kids, Jason enjoys cooking and makes most if not all the meals for his family.

Jason’s positivity is apparent in the workplace. No one can miss his Christmas decor and the tree he put up this year has us anticipating what will come next.