Credit Card

The first and only activation label for plastic cards.

We’re not just driven to provide the most advanced adhesives on the market. We’re dedicated to providing solutions to our customers’ stickiest problems. Case in point: activation labels.

Activation Labels

Developed by some of the most advanced adhesive specialists in the card industry, our activation label is the first of its kind to be created specifically for plastic cards. It features a no-residue adhesive, excellent aging characteristics, and printable film and papers for personalization during or after application.


  • Clean removability without residue
  • Peel-Tab
  • Pattern-printed with stock or custom patterns
  • Available in high-capacity roll formats

No Residue Adhesive (Standard)

We are unmatched in our activation label solutions. Developed by the most adhesive-savvy people in the card industry, our activation labels leave zero residue on PVC cards, ensuring clean removability without tearing. It all comes down to the chemistry of the adhesive.


  • Clean removability from a wide variety of card surfaces
  • No residue
  • Excellent aging characteristics
  • Printable films and papers available
  • Available in high-capacity roll formats
  • Materials readily available for fast order turn
  • Microsphere adhesives available
  • Custom print designs or blank for personalization after or during application
Dual Message Label

Peel Tab Die Shape (Optional)

We offer the only activation label on the market that has no adhesive on the edges. The advantage? Our Peel Tab makes it easier for your customers to grasp and remove the label, and it leaves no residue.


  • Easy to access and remove label
  • Pattern-printed
  • Leaves no residue
No adhesive tab

Pattern-printed Adhesive (Optional)

Superior Tape & Label is one of the few manufacturers in the world to offer pattern-printed adhesive. This technology enables us to print adhesive in virtually any pattern, from verbiage to symbols to company logos. Flexible, innovative and designed to give you new opportunities, this technology sets the stage for a pattern of success.


  • Displays verbiage, symbols, logos when customer removes card from carrier
  • Can be used for cross-marketing other products or for promotions in which the amount won is printed under the winning card