Chameleon®/Holographic Security Scratch-off

Would-be thieves are no match for you. With our Chameleon® and Holographic security scratch-offs, your labels become tamper-evident.

Chameleon® Security Scratch-off

Welcome to survival of the smartest—an intelligent tamper-evident design that reveals a highly distinctive color change and tamper-evident message if there’s an attempt to lift the label. Chameleon is manufactured with a two-layer process that alerts vendors of fraud. Its clear coat also contains release-agent silicons to eliminate tape-lift theft, while the translucent blue base clearly displays the PIN after the scratch coating has been removed.


  • Manufacturing process reveals distinctive, irreversible color change and previously hidden message when two layers are separated
  • Standard VOID and customizable hidden messages
  • Coating cannot be lifted with self-adhesive tape
  • One-of-a-kind scratch coating system prevents light degradation and “lock-up”
  • Aggressive rubber-based adhesive with great performance with the card substrate, plastic or paper
  • Available with scratch-off coatings, holographic designs, various colors and your logo
  • Available in high-capacity roll formats

Holographic Security Scratch-off

When it comes to authentication, seeing is truly believing. We’ve made the highest level of security and authentication affordable by developing strategic relationships with foil suppliers. Whether you choose one of our stock patterns or allow us to create a custom pattern just for you, our holographic security scratch-offs give your customers visual authentication and you unparalleled quality. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • Brilliant reflectivity
  • Excellent scratch experience
  • Minimal residue on card
  • Customized patterns available
  • Materials readily available for fast order turn
  • Available in high-capacity spooled rolls
  • Add to any scratch-off label product