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The million-dollar question: how can you personalize 1 million cards without stopping for a roll change?

The answer: Spool-Mate.

Visualize being able to run 1,000,000 labels without stopping your manufacturing process. Now imagine what that can do for your bottom line. The Spool-Mate’s automatic tensioning system handles high-capacity rolls, dramatically reducing your downtime. Customers who currently use the Spool-Mate have reported production increases of up to 30% and total ROI in less than six months. Production results with the Spool-Mate have been phenomenal, significantly increasing efficiency and savings in operator overtime. It’s a million-dollar idea that’s saving our customers millions of their own.


  • 30% increase in throughput
  • 25-time increase in roll capacity
  • Nearly eliminates downtime for roll changes
  • Easy integration with existing equipment
  • 12x13 inch roll unwind capacity (70,000 feet of material)

High-capacity Spooling

The Spool-Mate's automatic tensioning system handles high-capacity rolls, dramatically reducing your downtime.

Print-on-Demand Digital Label Printer

  • Need less than 50,000 labels printed?
  • Need 5,000 labels tomorrow?
  • Need 23 labels yesterday?
  • Paying too much for minimum orders?
  • Wasting warehouse space for label inventory?

Superior Tape & Label has the solution for you!

Superior Tape & Label has created a fantastic solution for your small quantity label needs. By joining forces with Primera, we can now offer our customers a complete and cost effective digital printing package. What makes our solution unique, is it can run stock label media and STL’s media that is custom designed specifically for your equipment or unique project.

Our digital printing package offer fast, flexible and scalable solutions, perfect for reducing costs and eliminating pre-printed label inventories. When paired with STL’s custom rolled label media, the Primera LX 2000 reduces inventory and delivery times, all while producing the highest quality print-on-demand activation labels at extremely competitive prices.

Give us a call to learn how Superior Tape & Label’s digital printing solution can improve customer satisfaction, profits and quickly pay for itself.



  • Small footprint
  • Movable see-through sensor
  • Z-Color™ color matching software
  • Print full bleed on die cut media


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to replace ink cartridges
  • Customer replaceable components
  • Window and Mac compatible


  • 108 inches per minute
  • 8,500+ labels per hour
  • Resolution: up to 4800 dpi
  • Up to 6" roll capacity